Please go through this page before placing any order

  • By placing an order with Unreal Production by call/WhatsApp/social media or any electronic or non-electronic medium you automatically acknowledge to the following terms and conditions.
  • Orders are charged once placed and are non-cancellable.
  • Payments are taken only after the watermarked submission of graphical works (not applicable for non-graphical orders for example, website designing.
  • Watermarked, low quality preview versions are provided until full payment is cleared. These preview versions are not licensed for any commercial or non-commercial use.
  • All the details and graphics related to the order must be provided in an organized manner before placing the final confirmation of the order. Once the final confirmation is indicated from the client side, any further updates will be counted as revisions.
  • Two (2) free revisions are provided after the first submission of the order. Revisions mean any changes/update in the design/objects included in the graphic.
  • Changes must be provided in a listed and organized manner. Multiple changes in one list will be considered as one (1) big revision however, single changes serially will be considered as unit revisions each time.
  • After two free revisions Rs. 50/revision for graphical works (banner, flex, poster, post, video, motion graphic etc.), Rs. 100/ revision for basic Android apps/blogger/shopping website and Rs. 250/revision for advanced Android app.
  • For banners, posters, flex, social media post the dimensions must be provided before confirming order. The dimension is fixed and cannot be changed thereafter.
  • Any changes in dimension after placing order will be considered as a fresh new order.
  • After final submission, a payment period of two weeks (14 days) is provided. The payment must be made through online/offline medium.
  • Failing to pay within payment period/non-payment will result in removal all pending graphical orders and blacklisting from any future orders.
  • Spelling/other mistakes from our side will not be considered as revisions.
  • No further revision is accepted after payment is done/payment period.
  • Files shared by Google Drive/other online cloud services are deleted after 2 weeks and from our local storage after 1 month from payment.

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